Delicious coffee at Café Wasserturm

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"Let's have some coffee," is probably one of the most widely-spoken sentences in our society. Coffee stands for comfort, relaxation but for some people it also serves as a concentration aid. Anyway, with the enjoyment of coffee, mostly positive thoughts are connected.

In the Café Wasserturm we serve the special AFRO coffee, in many variations, suitable for every mood, for every occasion. From espresso, whether simple, double or served as a macchiato, to Café Latte with rich ingredients like Amarula or Bailys and many other variations.

Our guests are also pleased to ask for an Irish Coffee, or the specialty in the Café Wasserturm, a coffee with vanilla syrup, whipped cream and pumpkin seeds.

But even lovers of hot chocolate – simply pure and classic or with vanilla syrup and whipped cream - will be amazed how delicious the products from Africa taste.

Do you prefer a cup of tea? Choose between Classic black, Earl Gray or Spicy Chai and many other varieties, whether green, on the best herbs or fruits.

We look forward to your visit at Café Wasserturm!

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